Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us


For the primary time within the world, trade is being enabled through to use of technology through Globelinktechnology.com . Globelink technology , could be a B2B marketplace developed to modify international & domestic bulk trade of commodities & product, and act as a right away interface between the particular consumers and sellers to cut back influence and price of the standard distribution channels.


Through our in depth E-mail selling and Digital Footprints, we have a tendency to shall promote your product and acquaint your company to a information of over one,65,000 consumers in Rice, Wheat, Steel from SAIL, Bearings, V-Belts, Fasteners, Raw Cotton, Pulses, Onions, Capsicum, Cashew barmy, Sugar, Edible Oils, Cement, Construction Materials, and plyboard etc., set everywhere the globe, and assist you truly establish your credentials with them.

Among the numberless things we provide, we have a tendency to conjointly develop a customized Micro-site for your business, that shall offer prospective consumers the chance to understand regarding your company and, conjointly showcase your product & facilities for consumers.


Globelinktechnology.com has created the choice for consumers to purchasing bulk while not moving from their workplaces by witnessing rates from round the world on One screen and at identical time provides the sellers a chance to barter multiple orders at the same time round the globe while not going away the comforts of his office


Through the utilization of contemporary technology, Globelink technology is in a position to copy the present market practices from the stage of enquiry wherever the client is in a position to place in his custom needs and approach verified sellers across the country and also the world to fulfil them to the stage of delivery & payment wherever the vendor is in a position to create the delivery and receive payment, for the duration of the utilization of Globelinktechnology.com .


Not solely will Globelink technology facilitate in connecting the relevant stakeholders, the platform has developed a novel Negotiations Mechanism wherever all the sellers square measure in a position return to the platform at a chosen time bid to bag the order with all-time low quote. This alone Transparency within the negotiations is in the middle of Complete Secrecy throughout the order placement and delivery. The platform provides complete freedom to the client to put AN order to any variety of chosen suppliers, one by one.